BOI LEGENDS - Battle of the immortals Private Server
BOI Legends's TOS


1 Report the server bugs, exploits and glitches that are found on the server.
2 Do not offend, disrespect other players and server moderators.
3 Do not accuse any player or member of the management team without concrete evidence.
4 Do not pretend to be someone else to take advantage of other players.
5 Do not use methods to deceive, forge and / or trick the server or any other player.


1 The server provides support for bugs, glitches, problems and theft only through the discord


1 All donations made on the server shall be considered as a kind donation to the server.
2 No amount of donations will be refunded to you under any circumstances.
3 If you decide to charge back it will result in bann of the account.

Final Thoughts

1 Registering to the server means you accept all the terms and conditions mentioned above.
2 The server reserves the right to change the terms of conditions without notice.
3 Failure to follow any of the terms mentioned above can cause temporary or permanent ban of the account

Server Informations

  • Version: Glorious 4th Anniversary
  • Experience: 8%
  • Drop: 8%
  • Accounts: 2342
  • Characters: 3993
  • Record Online: 181
  • Server Time:

  • Staff Status

Server Status

  • Total online:  
  • Realm 1: 0
  • Realm 2: 0
  • Realm 3: 0
  • Realm 4: 0
  • Realm 5: 3
  • Realm 6: 0
  • Realm 7: 0
  • Realm 8: 0