BOI LEGENDS - Battle of the immortals Private Server
Refund Policy

Donation Clause - Acceptance/Rejection/Refunds

With regards to donations to , note that your contribution is noted as a very generous donation.

* Important

As a token of our gratitude, we will reward your donation with website bound currency, which you are free to use/exchange however you wish, as long as you act within the terms and conditions of the site.

If you want to donate without wanting anything in return, please let us know through the use of discord. Please do not send money to any staff member. Only use our website, (or other special situations, if instructed by , Ltd owner). These are the only places where your money is ensured to be used in the development of our community.

We reserve the right to refuse donations and any expected or wanted gifts, should we find that your account or any other account property tied to you has violated the terms of service, game server or forum/discord specific rules that are written by , ltd.

Any charge backs or attempts for refunds will result in: - instant ban of the account in question - further investigation into other property tied to you, that may come to be banned as well

Lastly, note that all claims whether based on contract, negligence, strict liability or otherwise are waived.

Server Informations

  • Version: Glorious 4th Anniversary
  • Experience: 8%
  • Drop: 8%
  • Accounts: 2342
  • Characters: 3993
  • Record Online: 181
  • Server Time:

  • Staff Status

Server Status

  • Total online:  
  • Realm 1: 0
  • Realm 2: 0
  • Realm 3: 0
  • Realm 4: 0
  • Realm 5: 3
  • Realm 6: 0
  • Realm 7: 0
  • Realm 8: 0